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(Yahoo!) - It would be forgiven if one were to assume Brandon Boyd might be somewhat of an inscrutable/intimidating person. The Incubus frontman has a reputation for doing it all, and doing it well, in the creative realm -- to wit, seven critically and commercially acclaimed studio albums with his band, three published books of his original writings/drawings/photography, and a respectable post as a fine artist with solo exhibitions in his hometown of Los Angeles. He's also released a solo album under his own name, and has now created a new musical project, Sons of the Sea, which sees its first album hit the streets this week.

So, all this, and what? Surprise -- Boyd is pleasantly down-to-earth, and manages to discuss his myriad creative works with a touch of offbeat humor that can be altogether too rare in artists on his particular level. Sons of the Sea, a collaboration with famed producer Brendan O'Brien (who worked on several Incubus albums), is a remarkably different direction for Boyd; the songs hum with multilayered influences that at times suggest a sparkly vibe reminiscent of the best pop music from the '60s.

In this exclusive interview with Yahoo Music, Boyd explains the process of creating Sons of the Sea (some of the song ideas actually came to him in dreams), why he decided to work with O'Brien on this particular project instead of releasing another solo record, and what the future of Incubus holds. He also weighs in on his latest book, talks a bit about what he's reading lately, and discusses trying his hand at filmmaking for the first time in the form of lyric videos he created for Sons of the Sea.

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