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It turns out Kurt Cobain's old set of skis aren't actually up for sale, and neither is his Tomy video game or the phone he used to call record execs in Los Angeles. 

The collection of random rock memorabilia was featured in a recent Craigslist ad posted by someone claiming to be the late Nirvana frontman's former roommate. 

But now Sub Pop Records receptionist Derek Erdman has come forward to reveal that the sale was just a hoax he created while he was "supposed to be working on something else" last week. 

He tells "Revolt" that he doesn't actually possess any of the stuff he was pretending to sell, explaining that he just dug up a few photos on the Internet to add to the fake Craigslist post. 

Erdman says he got calls from "serious collectors," and even attracted the attention of a TV news crew.  But he says the reporters didn't buy his story after he was unable to provide an ID for the fake identity he was using. 

Erdman was previously involved in another Nirvana stunt.  He helped put together the spoof video Sub Pop put out in response to a misguided fan who wrote to the label asking Cobain and the rest of Nirvana to record a video message for the Virginia Tech football team. 

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