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A pair of former Sugar Ray members are suing the band's frontman Mark McGrath for so-called "self-serving and vindictive actions." 

According to Courthouse News Service, bassist Murphy Karges and drummer Stan Frazier have accused McGrath of bashing them on Twitter, cheating them out of money, and preventing them from rejoining the band. 

They claim they went on hiatus from Sugar Ray in 2012 because of the singer's erratic behavior, which allegedly included flying first class while the rest of the band was in coach and effectively hijacking the recording of the band's last album, 2009's Music for Cougars.  

But during the hiatus, McGrath and Sugar Ray guitarist Rodney Sheppard negotiated a new licensing agreement for the band's music without Karges or Frazier.  Now, the plaintiffs are asking for their cut of the touring revenue, in addition to being allowed to join the band again. 

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