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Lorde is revealing an unexpected origin behind her hit song "Royals." 

In an interview with "VH1," the singer explains that she took a liking to the word after seeing a picture of an American baseball player in "National Geographic."  She says she noticed the word "Royals" on his jersey and wrote a song around it. 

Though the 17-year-old didn't know the details of the photo, "E! News" traced it back to a well-known image of Kansas City Royals player George Brett.  But Lorde says seeing the picture only helped to bring her ideas together, as she had been writing bits and pieces of the lyrics for some time. 

She adds that she has always had a fascination with aristocracy, and likes the idea of "a TMZ 500 years ago" that's about the lives of Marie Antoinette and Henry the Eighth.  

"Royals" has earned yet another week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. 

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