Police Exchange Gunfire With Barricaded Suspect in Panama City, Florida


Businesses and schools near the scene of an active shooter in Panama City, Florida have been evacuated after several police agencies surrounded a barricaded suspect in an apartment building where at least one person has been injured. 

Witnesses on Twitter described a heavy police presence in the area where some reported hearing more than 50 shots exchanged between police and the suspect. 

The Walton County Sheriff Department wrote on their official Twitter account that the incident appeared to be tied to a suspicious death in Santa Rosa Beach, about 40 miles northwest along the Florida coast from Panama City. 

The victim was identified as 30-year-old Clinton Street with the Walton County Sheriff's Department confirming that the two incidents were related. No other details were immediately available. 

Initial media reports placed the shooter at a nearby bank, but a spokesperson for the bank denied those reports, saying that he had no information that the suspect had even gone into the bank. 

This is a breaking news update. More details will be added as they become available. 


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