Sweden Distributes Pamphlets to Residents: 'Be Prepared For War'

The Sweden's government is reissuing an instructional war pamphlet to the country's more than 4.8 million residents and urging its populace to be prepared in the event of war, cyber or terror attacks for the first time in 50 years. 

"Sweden is safer than many other countries, but threats exist," the pamphlet ominously warns. 

The leaflet "Om krisen eller kriget kommer" (If crisis or war comes), explains to Sweden's residents how they can make sure they have their basic needs like food, water and heat met. The pamphlet also explains what warning signals mean, where bomb shelters are located, and how residents can contribute to Sweden's "total defense." 

The pamphlet goes on to say that if Sweden is attacked, it is every citizen's duty to resist. 

"We must be able to resist various types of attacks directed against our country. Even today, attacks are taking place against our IT systems and attempts are being made to influence us using false information. We may also be affected by conflicts in our region." 

The 20-page pamphlet (you can see an English version of it here), is filled with illustrations of terror attacks, warplanes, and families fleeing their homes. But, the pamphlet isn't just preparing residents for war, it also prepares people for dangers from cyber attacks, climate change and even identifying 'Fake News.'

"States and organizations are already using misleading information in order to try and influence our values and how we act. The aim may be to reduce our resilience and willingness to defend ourselves."

This is the first time Sweden has sent out pamphlets like this to residents since 1961. Leaflets like this were first given out in 1943, during the height of World War II. The leaflets advise residents to think about what they would do if there was no heating, food to buy, or even water coming from taps and toilets. 

The pamphlet was distributed partly in response to the debate over whether Sweden will join NATO and allegations that Russia had violated Swedish airspace and its territorial water. Sweden is not currently a member of NATO, but has contributed to NATO operations in the past. 

Photos: Dinsakerhet.se


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