Boy Scouts Buy New Uniforms For First Girls To Join Their Troop


Six girls made history when they became the first females to join the local Scouts BSA troop in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania. The boys of Troop 339 decided to celebrate the momentous occasion by using their own money to purchase uniforms for their newest members.

Scoutmasters Jim Walls and Barbara Steinmetz told the Delco Daily Times that the boys decided on their own to dip into the funds they use for camping trips to buy the uniforms, which cost around $100 each.

“The girls' troop is so thankful that the boys are doing this,” Steinmetz told the newspaper. “They’re happy and excited, and it’s a fantastic start to all of this.”

Now that the girls' troop has brand new uniforms, they can begin building their own program and start earning merit badges, with the eventual goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

"I want to be there to see them experience what they want to in the program. There is a lot of stuff they’re talking about: Camping, orienteering and seeing what the program’s about and what they can do with it," Steinmetz said. “They’re the ones who end up leading it in the long run. They learn the structure, to pick it all and pick and choose what they want to do."


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