Nashville Officer Hospitalized After Being Dragged By ATV


A Nashville police officer is recovering from his injuries after he was dragged through the street by an ATV on Saturday (March 16) afternoon. Police say that around 100 people riding ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles took over the streets, weaving dangerously through traffic and parked cars.

Multiple videos captured the chaotic scene as the vehicles took over the roads. They were popping wheelies and driving on the wrong side of the street as police officers tried to get them to stop.

At one point in the video, Special Events Sgt. John Bourque can be seen struggling with the driver of an ATV. The officer appeared to be trying to pull the driver off the ATV when he slipped and fell behind the vehicle. The driver swerved and slammed Bourque into a metal barricade on the side of the road.

Bourque was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Officials say that the officer was released and is recovering at his home.

Authorities have released photos of the person driving the ATV, hoping the public can help them identify the suspect.

The unruly riders took to the streets again on Sunday, leaving police scrambling to stop them. Officials say it is a difficult task and that chasing the suspects can be more dangerous than letting them drive recklessly.


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