Pizzeria Employees Working On Christmas Got 100 Percent Of The Profits

A pizzeria in Indiana rewarded the employees who volunteered to work on Christmas Day by allowing them to split 100 percent of the day's profits. Ron Mathews, who owns Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg with his wife Colby, told NBC News that the tradition started five years ago as a way to thank the employees for their hard work and dedication when the restaurant was going through some rough times.

"Back then, the business wasn't doing as well, and the employees that we had, the bosses couldn't afford to pay them what they deserve, and it initially started out to show them what they were worth," he said.

This year, seven employees showed up to work, and each took home over $700. Mathews said that the restaurant had to close early because the workers were swamped with a record number of orders.

"Those who worked loved it because the more busy we are, the more money they make," Ron said.

Rockstar Pizza thanked all the customers on Facebook for supporting their business and the employees who work there. 

"I can't properly convey the gratitude our employees, or we, feel," Ron and Colby wrote. "We are so thankful for the love & support you showed our employees."