Oldest Living US Marine Celebrates Her 107th Birthday

The oldest living U.S. Marine veteran celebrated her 107th birthday over the weekend. Dorothy "Dot" Cole, of Kannapolis, North Carolina, was born September 19, 1913, in Warren, Pennsylvania.

Cole joined the Marines in 1943 during World War II, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. She completed her training at Camp Lejeune and was stationed at Quantico in an administrative role, according to ABC 11, eventually earning the title of Sergeant.

"Everyone was out doing something. The women helping the Red Cross, or even in churches they were getting things," Cole said. "So I decided that I wanted to do something and I would go into the Marine Corps."

"Originally I had chosen the Navy, but they said I was too short," she told Independent Tribune. "So I decided to go with the Marines. I even took flying lessons of about 200 hours, thinking it would impress the Marines. But it didn't. They put me behind a typewriter instead of an airplane."

The City of Kannapolis posted well wishes on Saturday ahead of Cole's birthday.

"Happy 107th Birthday to Dot Cole," the City of Kannapolis posted on social media Saturday. "Sgt. Cole, of Kannapolis, is the oldest living U.S. Marine in the United States."

People across social media also wished Cole a happy birthday and thanked her for her service.

Photo: Getty Images