Jack Osbourne Talks Covid-19, Sobriety, & 'Dancing With The Stars'

On this episode of Pretty Messed Up, AJ McLean, Cheryl Burke, and Rene Elizondo welcome Jack Osbourne onto the podcast as their very first guest. Jack was Cheryl’s partner on Dancing With The Stars in season 17, and is “her favorite ever.” They talk about their sobriety journeys, how the show is going so far and what’s changed about it because of the pandemic, share how Covid-19 has personally affected them, and dish about fellow contestants Carole Baskin and Nelly. Plus, Jack gives AJ a much-needed tip about working with Cheryl: “Don’t think of her as a dancer, think of her as a competitive athlete,” he advises. “She has. to. win, and if you’re not giving 110%, you’re failing.”

Jack got sober at a very young age: He was only 17 when he voluntarily went to a treatment center for 56 days. “I was ready to listen at the time, ready to make that commitment,” he says. Rene marvels at this self-awareness so early in life, and Jack says his father even questioned whether he was really an addict or just a teenager having some wild times. Rene says he relapsed a few times because he convinced himself that maybe he wasn’t an alcoholic, and was denying himself for no reason. “And then I would have one drink and forget that I couldn’t stop.” Does Jack ever miss drinking? He says only when he’s on a camping trip with friends, and at the end of a satisfying day, they’re all sitting around having a beer. “To watch people have fun, you miss it a little,” Rene agrees. “But when you watch people get plastered, you think, ‘Thank God!’” 

Jack has to ask what Carole Baskin is like, and Cheryl admonishes him to actually watch the show, but says she’s very sweet. AJ agrees, though she does make him nervous: “She told me, ‘My niece is the biggest fan of yours and she says she’s voting for you instead of me!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, don’t make Carole Baskin mad!” They also get into Tyra Banks’ outfits, why AJ ditched his signature nail polish, the Covid outbreak at Jack’s house and what that means for his MS, and answer fan questions about what they thought about Nev Schulman’s chest hair (“I thought it was tattoos!” Cheryl declares) and if there are any romances brewing behind the scenes; hear all this good gossip and so much more on this episode of Pretty Messed Up.

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Photo: Getty Images