CNN Calls North Carolina 'Center Of The Political Universe'

People Cast Ballots On First Day Of Early Voting In North Carolina

All eyes will be on the state of North Carolina on Election Day.

Many believe the Tar Heel state has the potential to be a swing state in this year's election, including, which said North Carolina has "become the center of the political universe with close races for president, Senate and governor," in a story posted on Thursday.

CNN noted the recent shift going on in North Carolina, which President Donald Trump won by more than three percentage points, since the 2016 election:

"The transformation has been propelled by a mix of factors: The state is growing more diverse with Hispanic and Asian immigrants, its cities and suburbs are booming with unbridled growth from northern transplants, older voters from the northeast who are fleeing Trump have retired to the state's coast and the Tar Heel State's once large rural population is shrinking," CNN's Dan Merica wrote. "This shift has been occurring for years, but it could present Trump and Republicans with a perfect storm of problems at the same time that the state has become the center of the political universe with close races for president, Senate and governor. And many of his diehard voters in rural Eastern North Carolina know it."

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted by telephone from October 12-17, which included a random sample of 706 North Carolina registered voters and 646 likely voters, showed Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, had 49% support, while President Trump had 48% support, ABC 11 reports.

The state of North Carolina has been targeted heavily by both Biden and Trump leading up to the November 3 presidential election, with 15 electoral votes and the possibility to swing the election.

Last month, Biden made his first campaign appearance in North Carolina at a Black economic summit. Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris, also made an appearance in Raleigh last week.

Former second lady, Dr. Jill Biden, also made multiple stops in North Carolina to campaign for her husband earlier this month.

President Trump's and campaign has reportedly said North Carolina will be a must-win state in order to be re-elected, ABC 11 reports. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have both made several visits to North Carolina in recent weeks, which included a rally in Winston-Salem on September 8, as well as stops in Charlotte for the Republican National Convention and Asheville to meet with North Carolina farmers hours later last month.

Early voting in North Carolina began on October 15, several weeks ahead of Election Day.