North Carolina County Expects Spike In COVID-19 Cases Following Trump Rally

At least 23,000 people showed up to President Donald Trump's campaign rally at Gastonia Municipal Airport on Wednesday. Because there was very little social distancing, Gaston County health officials believe the county could see a spike in coronavirus cases.

According to Fox 8, the large crowd packed the airport, and while temperature checks were given to attendees, many people were not wearing masks or maintaining proper social distance.

"We're looking for some COVID cases to come from this, it wouldn't surprise us if that was the case," said Adam Gaub, Gaston County public information officer.

The county has experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases, Fox 8 reports, and large events like this are expected to add to the numbers. In nearby Charlotte, at least two recent coronavirus deaths can be traced back to religious gatherings.

"Anytime you have the amount of people gathered like that, whether it's a rally or a sports event, religious event, it doesn't matter why they're there, you increase your risk for spreading COVID," said Gaub.

Because of the coronavirus incubation time, Gaub said it could be take up to two weeks to determine if the campaign event caused a cluster of new cases, so he urges people to get tested if they think they could be sick.

Photo: Getty Images