Several North Carolina Cities Are Among The Sunniest In The U.S.

It's understood that some parts of the country receive more sun than others, such as the deserts of Arizona and California or the aptly-named Sunshine State of Florida. However, it may surprise you to learn about some of the cities that were named the sunniest in the country.

NerdWallet used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine the sunniest cities in the United States and Puerto Rico. The list, which ranks 174 cities by the annual percentage of average possible sunshine, includes several from the Tar Heel State.

So, which North Carolina cities made the list? The six cities are listed below with the annual percent average of possible sunshine each receives.

  • No. 59: Wilmington, 63%
  • No. 60: Charlotte, 62%
  • No. 78: Cape Hatteras, 60%
  • No. 80: Greensboro/Winston-Salem, 60%
  • No. 89: Asheville, 59%
  • No. 108: Raleigh, 58%

The top 10 cities named the sunniest in the country, alongside their annual percent average possible sunshine, are as follows:

  • No. 1: Yuma, Arizona, 90%
  • No. 2: Redding, California, 88%
  • No. 3: Las Vegas, Nevada, 85%
  • No. 4: Phoenix, Arizona, 85%
  • No. 5: Tucson, Arizona, 85%
  • No. 6: El Paso, Texas, 84%
  • No. 7: Fresno, California, 79%
  • No. 8: Reno, Nevada, 79%
  • No. 9: Flagstaff, Arizona, 78%
  • No. 10: Sacramento, California, 78%

Check out the full list of cities here.

Photo: Getty Images