Family Reunites With Dog After Tornado Sucked It Out Of Window

When a tornado touched down near her North Carolina home late Monday night (February 15), Brittany Memory only had a few minutes to get to safety. She credits the time she did have to her Yorkshire Terrier, Penny, who had alerted her to something not quite right with the night.

Memory said the thought someone else was in her home, but by the time she turned on the flashlight on her phone, the noise grew louder until it sounded like a train: the tell-tale sign of a tornado. She quickly jumped up to go get her son and take him to safety, leaving Penny behind, WECT reports.

"When I looked, I didn't have time," she said. "If I had waited a second, me and my son would have been out the back door. I didn't have time to grab Penny."

The tornado passed by, rattling her belongings and blowing a large hole in the back of the house. The twister had also pulled the sheets that were on Memory's bed out of the window, which Penny had been bundled in.

Believing her beloved pet was gone forever, she tried to console her son, saying, "She'll be OK, God's got her." Sure enough, Penny showed up at the home a few hours later. They took her to the vet, but other than being shaken up, she was unharmed.

An EF-3 tornado struck the coast of North Carolina late Monday night, hitting the south end of Brunswick County hard and damaging several homes, especially in the Ocean Ridge Plantation area. Three people were killed in the storm and at least 10 were injured in Ocean Isle Beach.

Photo: Getty Images