Former Carolina Panthers Star Offers Reward To Catch Burglary Suspects

Retired NFL linebacker and Carolina Panthers great Thomas Davis Sr. is offering a cash reward to help apprehend two suspects he claims broke into his home. According to WCNC, the accused burglars damaged his belongings after somehow getting inside his home and garage.

Davis took to social media Tuesday (June 8) to announce the reward and share security footage of the incident. He has not said how must he is offering for the reward.

"If any of you recognize either one of these idiots that decided it was good idea to come into my home and go through all of my cars and even steal and wreck my McLaren," he captioned a series of images posted to his Instagram depicting two suspects allegedly inside his home without permission. "I'm offering a cash reward for anyone that can help identify who these guys are!"

Additionally, Davis posted photos of the damage to one of his vehicles as well as videos from his security system that shows the suspects rifling through his belongings. He also claimed that the suspects stole his McClaren sports car before wrecking it, causing significant damage to the side.

The Union County Sheriff's Office confirmed to WCNC that they were investigating the incident. According to the news outlet, this isn't the first time one of Davis' cars has been stolen. In 2009, someone took a custom convertible that had been sitting in front of his home.

Photo: Getty Images