Can You Guess The Most Misspelled Word In North Carolina?

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Spelling can bee hard.

We've all been there. Whether you're typing out an important email, finishing up a term paper, or simply want your texts to be grammatically correct, you have likely searched for the right spelling of certain words.

A new report from AT&T used Google Trends to determine the most searched "how to spell" words for each state using data from March 2020 to March 2021. From "definitely" and "multiplication" to "pharaoh" and "government," there were plenty of words that stumped Americans throughout the year.

Overwhelmingly, however, the most commonly misspelled word in the country was "quarantine," with about a quarter of the country asking the search engine for the right way to spell our time at home.

So which word did North Carolinians have a hard time spelling?


Since the start of the pandemic, people have been spending more time at home and less at the gym, likely leading to an increase in searches for exercises people can do at home. According to the study, the most common misspelling is "excersice."

While North Carolina may be the only state having trouble spelling the word, others have their own challenges, like Texas' struggle with "confident" and Washington, D.C.'s problems spelling "succeed."

Check out the full list here.

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