WATCH: Rare Albino Deer Spotted In Raleigh Neighborhood

Photo: Getty Images

A rare albino deer was recently spotted in a North Raleigh neighborhood, offering a more magical, and slightly less dangerous, wildlife experience than what has been reported recently.

Only around 30,000 deer in the world are truly albino, according to WRAL. The North Carolina Wildlife Commission describes albino deer as having a lack of pigmentation, with white fur and pink eyes, nose and hooves.

The unique animal was captured on video by a resident, who shared the footage with WRAL. In the video, a young child can be heard asking, "Is that Santa's deer?"

Check out the enchanting video below.

The rare sighting joins the growing list of strange animals spotted around the city. In June, an exotic zebra cobra was reported to be on the loose in a North Raleigh neighborhood after it escaped from its owner, sparking a days-long search for the missing serpent. During the investigation, in which the cobra was eventually captured, it was revealed that the serpent had actually been missing since November. Its owner is now facing 40 charges stemming from the incident.

And just last week, a black bear cub was seen hanging out in a tree outside UNC Rex Hospital in Raleigh. Wildlife officials believed the cub showed up during the night but climbed up the tree after daylight revealed it was in a populated area. They eventually lured the cub down using a variety of enticing treats.

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