This North Carolina Town Was Named One Of The Nicest Places In America

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There are plenty of towns around America that are filled with friendly communities, but it's especially easy to find kindness in South, which is generally known for its hospitality. In fact, one spot in North Carolina was recognized by Reader's Digest as a finalist for its list of 2021's Nicest Places in America.

"For the fifth year in a row, Reader's Digest named the Nicest Place in America, where people are kind, resilient, and work to make their communities better. After America faced a global pandemic and fought together for racial equality in 2020, this year is one of healing and building, of bouncing back stronger, together."

The magazine named Lexington, and more specifically the Sun and Moon Ranch in the Davidson County town, as a finalist in this year's nicest places in America.

Shannan Hearne, with partner Cory Conley, opened her dream ranch in February 2020 right before everything came to a halt. However, this didn't deter her and instead the 8-acre ranch grew into a place where people in the community could gather away from the stresses of normal life.

"I had a vision for the space being therapeutic for whoever the universe sent our way — horses or people," said Hearne.

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say about the ranch:

"As the pandemic deepened, locals began to gather there, not just for the free cookouts and bonfires, but for the chance to put up a hammock when they wanted some peace. RVs and campers were welcome to pull in for a quiet night after a day on the road."

Reader's Digest chose the Quality Inn in Kodak, Tennessee, as the nicest place in America, while Manton, Michigan, was named as a finalist alongside Lexington's Sun and Moon Ranch.

Check out the report here.

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