Raleigh Residents Report Half-Naked Man Walking Around NC State Apartments

Photo: Getty Images

Residents at an apartment complex in Raleigh have reported seeing a half-naked man walking around and potentially trying to break in to the apartments, WRAL reports.

Residents of The Wilde Raleigh Apartments on Melrose Club Boulevard, about two miles from North Carolina State University, have reportedly been approached by a man who was not wearing pants. One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to WRAL about their experience, saying the man recently approached her and a friend outside her apartment. They ignored the man who eventually walked away but returned shortly after to apologize for being naked.

"It has been really stressful," the resident said. "It is frustrating [and] there is not a lot we can do. Nobody knows who it is."

Raleigh Police confirmed that the incident took place but didn't provide any additional information. According to the news outlet, several more sightings of the man were reported days after the incident with the resident, with the man reportedly trying to get into the apartments. As of Tuesday (January 11), no arrests have been made.

"This man has been coming back over and over again," the resident said. "There has been a number of sightings of him outside of our building."

While the apartment complex itself is not located on campus, its website claims that it's "the perfect off-campus housing option for NCSU students." A spokesperson for NC State said the university would be checking for any complaints about the half-naked man.

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