WATCH: Prankster Uses Airport Intercom To Announce Six Hour Flight Delays

Passengers waiting for boarding, Miami Airport

Photo: Getty Images

British tourist in Greece found himself detained at Zakynthos Airport after he tried to prank fellow travelers. A video posted on TikTok by Sam Wilson showed the unidentified man standing behind an unattended gate agent's desk and using the airport's intercom system to announce that flights have been delayed.

"The flight to Gatwick has been delayed by six hours," he announced.

"Unfortunately, the flight to Manchester has been delayed by six hours," he added.

Wilson noted that the final flight delay he announced was for a flight that didn't exist. Eventually, officials realized what was going on, and a security guard confronted the man. He was escorted away by police officers and taken for questioning.

"His friends were extremely worried about him, and they just took him away and didn't know what to do or whether to leave him," Wilson told the Daily Mail.

Wilson said the man was eventually released but was not allowed to board his flight back home.

"After the TikTok was made, I did find out he was released after the airport threatened to hold him in the airport and confiscate his passport for three days, but after a while of him just sitting in an empty room, they just told him to go," Wilson said.

Officials have not commented on the incident, and it is unclear if the man will face charges or be punished for his actions.

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