WE STAND WITH YOU: Armenians fear Turkey will resume genocide

In all of the chaos surrounding the election, I want to make sure we don't abandon the people of Armenia.

Here's a look at some headlines showing what the Armenians are up against right now:

Armenians Fear Turkey Is Back to Finish Off the Genocide (Daily Beast)Azeris And Ethnic Armenians Fight As Russia, U.S. And France Seek Ceasefire (One America News Network)Armenian Foreign Minister Accuses Azerbaijan Of "War Crimes" (RealClear Politics)Back in 2015, we did a special on "The Christian Holocaust" that exposed the roots of the Armenian genocide, and it is just as relevant today as when it originally aired.

Watch the full special here.

And on a related note, check out the video below for a quick review on the devastating effects of communism on humanity:

This clip was part of a radio serial we produced about communism. Listen to the full series here.