WATCH: Drake Challenge Gone Wrong!

A man from Boynton Beach was hit by a car trying to do the #ShiggyChallenge to Drake's In My Feelings.  As you'll see in the video below, he was trying to do the dance while his friend was driving towards him at 15 miles per hour.  His plan was to jump onto the moving vehicle, but he slipped just before the car reached him and it hit him instead.

Jaylen Norwood, the 22 year old featured in the video said he's going viral and says he's now the hottest thing in Palm Beach County. 

“Shockingly, I wasn’t hurt,” Norwood said. “It hit my shoulder, hit my face, my arm, but I think it was the adrenaline because I just got right back up.”

Check out the official video for Drake's song below, but please don't try Jaylen's moves at home.

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