“The Big Guy” Used His Family to Launder Income So He Could Masquerade a...

RUSH: Here's Brett in my adopted hometown, Sacramento, California. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It's so great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER. Yeah. I just wanted to say that I think the president absolutely crushed it last night. He did fantastic, and I was so proud of him. But I wanted to point out two areas that I keep thinking were kind of really big missed opportunities to really go after Biden. The first -- (chuckles) it was so laughable -- is Biden said that Iran would, quote, "pay a price" for election interference if he were elected.

Okay, Joe is a weak and decrepit old man who will be an absolute laughingstock on the world stage. So I would have asked him, "Joe, would you have gone after Soleimani when you had the chance? You didn't even want to kill Bin Laden. You advised Obama against the Bin Laden raid, and that's not to mention the 150 billion bucks that you gave Iran."

RUSH: Yeah, that's what I would have said if... But look, it's easy for us in the grandstand to sit here and say -- when there's no pressure on us -- what we would have done, what we would have said, what Trump should have said. It's really easy to sit here and be critics. But that's... You know, when Biden said, "Iran, they will pay the price," I'd'a said, "Joe, haven't you already? You guys already gave them $150 billion on the tarmac, Joe! Is that what you call paying the price?"

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, and like I said, I'm not by any means criticizing, and who knows what all's going through his head while he's up there talking. But the second item I think could have been a good opportunity is when Biden said, "Oh, it's so sad we've got all these cities and local municipalities who are having to lay off first responders and police officers."

I would have said, "Joe, you want to defund the cops! You don't want to want the cops to be a thing anymore. Abolishing the police and whatever else. How can you possibly say, 'Oh, yeah, that's Trump fault we're having to lay off cops'?" He has gone on record saying he is pro defunding the police!

RUSH: Well, that's a good point. You know what you are illustrating is that there were a lot of these. There was a lot of Biden hypocrisy. There was a lot of Biden sticking his foot in his mouth last night. There were gaffes galore, gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. It was almost impossible to keep up with all of them. I appreciate the call, Brett. Thanks.

Let me give you a couple more. On the Biden laptop fiasco, Biden said, "I have never taken a penny from a foreign source in my life." Maybe that's true. Maybe that's why Hunter Biden's in the pipeline. Maybe that's why Joe Biden's brother Jim is in the pipeline. Maybe that's why Bobulinski was hired in order to be the front man to actually take the cash.

That's what it means when they say 10% or up to 50% is to be "bumped up to the Big Guy." That's Biden. Folks, this is exactly how it happens, and this is why: So that the principal in the deal, which is Biden... Biden is the agent of influence! Nobody is paying Hunter Biden because of the quality of his work. Nobody's paying Bobulinski because of the quality of his work.

Nobody's paying Biden's brother Jim because of the quality of his work. Those guys are not being paid by China because they are experts in anything and because they're great employees. They're being paid so that that money gets to Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the receptacle! Joe Biden is the target. Joe Biden's the agent of influence.

Joe Biden is (depending) either the United States senator who can get things done or he is the vice president who can get things done. So when he says, "I've never taken a penny from a foreign source in my life," it's probably true. His son did, and his brother did, and then they "bumped" whatever percentage of the deal to Joe -- and that's where Joe gets the money to have four houses now.

Everybody thinks Joe Biden lives in an A-frame in Wilmington, Delaware, in the basement. Do you believe that? That's the image: Biden lives in the basement. I don't know if you've seen any video or pictures of Biden when he's in the basement, but it's like a 1960s ranch, and that's supposedly where Biden lives. Biden has two lake homes.

He's got a couple of beach homes -- and they're significantly large, major amount of square footage. You never see them. You never see Biden arriving at one. You never see him leaving one. He does have that little old cheap family homestead somewhere in Delaware where he can be seen in the basement. But Hunter is in the pipeline specifically to take the money and then bump it up to Joe. It's exactly why Hunter is there.