Hurricane Florence: Can't Find Bottled Water? Try This Trick!

You need water. But you can’t find water on store shelves. So, what do you do?!?! 2WTK’s “No Water Woes” tricks help you without you even leaving the house!

What’s the trick? Freezer bags and Tupperware filled with ice and water.

FILL BAGS WITH ICE. Run your ice make now and fill freezer bags with the ice. Put the ice bags in the freezer, filling in as much space as you can between items in your freezer.

FREEZE WATER IN CONTAINERS. Run the tap water and fill containers for you or your pet to drink. And here's a trick to that, don't fill it up all the way-- that way the water can expand as ice and not crack your container.

NO ICE MAKER? No problem. Just fill Ziploc bags with water and freeze them. You'll have what you need when the power goes out.

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