Hurricane Florence Hack

Hurricane Florence is about to hit the East Coast hard, and according to the news and weather reports, there will likely be damage, evacuations and power outages. 

If you’re in the storm’s path it’s important to start preparing now. One resident of North Carolina posted a hurricane tip on Facebook back when Hurricane Matthew was about to hit back in 2016, and it’s making the rounds again because the idea is brilliant and incredibly helpful. 

Sheila Pulanco Russell of Lumberton, North Carolina, advised everyone to put a frozen cup of water in their freezer with a quarter on top. If the power goes out or you are forced to evacuate you can easily tell if all the food in your freezer went bad by simply looking in the cup. If the quarter is still on top or less than half way down the cup, your food is fine. If the quarter is on the bottom or close to it, your food defrosted and isn’t safe to eat any longer. (AOL)