Oh Baby! Hurricane Florence Could Cause Expectant Mothers to Go Into Labor

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Nurses at Cone Health's Women's Hospital say they're all hands on deck, as Hurricane Florence draws closer to the coast.

Susan Pedaline, Chief Nursing Officer says, expecting a baby can be stressful enough, without throwing in high wind, rain, and flooding threats. But, she says studies show - expectant mothers should be mindful - that hurricanes can induce labor.

"I'm a nurse, not a meteorologist, but when there is a drop in barometric pressure, it can induce labor," she said, "It can cause water to break. So we know we are going to be really busy this weekend here at the hospital."

After 40 years experience, Pedaline says she has seen another trend too.

"Another thing that can happen, that I can absolutely predict if we have power outages for an extended period of time? Nine months from now we're going to be significantly busy," she said.

That's a lot of 'Florence' babies!

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