Live Video from the Bogue Inlet Pier in NC

Click here to see the live video from the Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle, NC

Hurricanes took their toll on the pier over the years, most notably in 1984, when a waterspout spurred by Hurricane DIANE ripped off 238 feet from the end. The pier was rebuilt that winter, bringing it back to 1000 feet. Then Hurricane FRAN in 1996 took 400 feet from the end. It was re-built in 11 1/2 weeks and re-opened April 1st 1997, with a new observation deck at the end (thanks to Taylor Bros. Marine Construction and a very dedicated in-house construction team). Hurricane Irene in 2011 destroyed 240 feet on the end again, and it was replaced in 11 weeks to re-open in March 2012. Various other storms caused pilings from the other Bogue Banks piers to wash down and break off BIP pilings, but they were always repaired quickly to keep up a safe place for the public. Now that most of the other piers are gone, the chance of damage is greatly reduced.