Live video of Florence from 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina

Live video from the Frying Pan Ocean Cam 34 miles out in the Atlantic off the coast of NC. You can watch the waves build as Florence gets closer. And you can also hear the wind. Florence is forecast to move over this camera Friday morning.

Look far out into the Atlantic ocean and watch the weather shift and the day come and go from 34 miles off the coast. Learn more about why this is called the "Frying Pan" live cam on @

The video below tells the unique story of the Frying Pan Tower

Software engineer Richard Neal bought the former lighthouse in a government-sponsored auction in 2010. Along with his wife, children and several volunteers, Neal spent two years renovating: restoring plumbing and electricity, and relocating random objects scattered inside, like two-decade-old jumbo packs of toilet paper. After working to turn the Tower—complete with an 80 foot by 80 foot helipad—into a working B&B, Neal hosted his first guests in 2012. 

The Tower now has eight bedrooms—five twin bedrooms and three queen bedrooms. The two-member crew, usually Neal and/or his family, shares an additional room. The Tower has two working bathrooms that use water caught during rainstorms in 11,000-gallon holding tanks. About 90 percent of the time, the Tower runs on solar power, though it also has a small generator. Tower staff provides meals, but guests often fish the nearby Gulf Stream and cook their catch that evening.

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