"Waffle House Index" Helps FEMA With Hurricanes

Craig Fugate, former FEMA Director, said in 2012, "Waffle House has a very simple operation philosophy: get open. … They have a corporate philosophy that if there is a hurricane or a storm, they try and get their stores open. It don't matter if they don't have power, it don't matter if you don't have gas. They have procedures that if they can get a generator in there, they'll get going. They'll make coffee with bottled water." 

According to thesouthernweekend.com, the index is color coded:

  • If Waffle House is open and offering its full menu, the code is green.
  • If the restaurant is offering only a few menu items, the index is yellow, meaning there may be a need for supplies in the area.
  • If the restaurant is closed, the index is red, meaning the situation in that area is dire.

Turns out that Waffle House's plan for opening in bad weather is so precise, that if they DO open - FEMA sees it as a good sign! Let's hope we see a lot of Waffle House signs lighting up soon after Florence hits.

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