Most of I-95 in North Carolina Currently Closed

TRAVEL EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS ACROSS NORTH CAROLINA Travel is hazardous in North Carolina on all roads south of US 64 and east of I-73/74.  Motorists should not drive in these areas.   GPS systems are routing users into areas NCDOT is not recommending for travel.   To avoid North Carolina if traveling south on I-95 drivers should use  I-64 West in Virginia to I-81 south, to I-75 south in Tennessee to I-16  East in Georgia back to I-95.  This is an extremely long detour, but it is the detour that offers the lowest risk of flooding at this time. Through traffic from I-95 in Georgia is advised to use I-16 West to I-75  North to I-81 North to I-64 East back to I-95 in Virginia. If you are already in North Carolina on I-95 you may use US 64 west to  I-540 west to I-40 west to I-85 south into South Carolina. Follow South Carolina DOT instructions to return to I-95.  Conditions are constantly changing please check back before you travel. Detour Map Around North Carolina / Detour Map Around North Carolina (state by state) 

I-40 CLOSED BETWEEN WILMINGTON AND I-95 Motorists are advised not to travel on I-40 between I-95 and Wilmington due to the uncertainty of flooding conditions. As the situation is rapidly changing NCDOT is doing our best to report these closures. For the most current list of road conditions choose a Region, Route or County from the drop down menus below.  NC roads affected by the storm: List of Affected Roads / For areas without specific location details there is general information about roadway conditions: Road Conditions by County  For weather updates visit the National Weather Service  / For the latest on hurricane readiness and response visit For other storm related travel info visit's latest press release Note:  On the map below, if there are no bright colored  red/orange/yellow/green lines on the map there is not enough data to  provide speed information on that segment of road. Red and white striped lines mean that the road is closed.