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6pm UPDATE: Virginia Snow Predictions Climbing Higher

Saturday afternoon featured a calm and tranquil day. It won’t be that way Sunday. Conditions start to go downhill Sunday morning as snow makes inroads into the area.

Any evening plans you may have for Saturday night, however, do look dry. You’ll notice the clouds on the increase, and the temperatures chilly, conditions will be dry.

After midnight, snow will start to make inroads through the area from Southwest to Northeast.

Sunday will be a very wintry-like day across the area.Most of the area is under some form of Winter Weather Alert. A WINTER STORM WARNING.

Nelson County is under a WINTER STORM WATCH.

Alleghany, Rockbridge and Bath are under WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES.

Snow arrives for some of us before the sun comes up, others will start to see the snow around sunrise, others it may take until the mid-morning before the snow starts.Regardless of when its starts, don’t expect it to shut off for a while.

Specific totals for individual cities here: ABC 13

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