Lawsuit Alleges Sex Scandal at Duke-Run Camp for Chronically Ill Children



In a bombshell lawsuit obtained by ABC11, the parents of a group of boys are accusing Duke University of not doing enough to protect their children following an unsupervised evening at Camp Kaleidoscope in July 2017. According to the lawsuit, the defendants are named as

  • Duke University Health System, Inc.
  • Duke University Affiliated Physicians, Inc.
  • Duke University
  • Duke University Philanthropies, Inc.
  • Duke University Special Ventures Fund, Inc.
  • The Duke University School of Medicine Research Foundation
  • Ann M. Reed, M.D.
  • Judy J. Panella, CCLS
  • Camp Kaleidoscope

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs, which include a group of four boys between the ages of 7 and 10, alleged camp counselors left the boys in their bunks while they attended a staff meeting at camp.

This is a developing story from ABC 11. Follow the story here:

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