Lisa Geyer, CEO Guardian Band



I am passionate about safety, particularly when it comes to women and children. With two adopted children, one from Kazakhstan and one from Korea, years as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem for foster children, and having founded a non-profit to help stop human trafficking in Nepal, I have seen what is happening around the world. Empowered women are key to transforming communities. For every watch that is purchased, we will be donating a portion of the profits to an amazing organization called, Women for Women. Check them out at:


Smartwatches have revolutionized how we live our daily lives. They assist us with our fitness goals, they keep us connected with friends and family, they organize our lives, and now, thanks to the GB Defender smart safety watch, they keep us safe.

Innovation is driven by customer need and our customers need to feel safe in their environment.

The GB Defender is a groundbreaking smart safety watch that allows people to take charge of their lives. Streaming live video at the push of a button, it puts any potential attacker’s face and voice on the customer’s personal cloud account through T-Mobile’s 4G network. Moreover, with calling and video calling, as well as a step counter and fitness functions, it is the consummate all-in-one smart watch. 

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