Garrett Perdue, CEO of Root Bioscience


About Garrett Perdue:

Garrett Perdue, founder and chief executive officer of Root Bioscience, has helped businesses operate in complex regulatory environments for decades. He is a staunch advocate for enhanced regulatory standards to ensure proper consumer protections that protect public health in North Carolina, where Root Bioscience is based, and throughout the South. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Juris Doctorate from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

About Root Bioscience:

Root Bioscience manufactures hemp-derived health and wellness products in a GMP compliant facility located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Its production team delivers a science-driven approach to the nascent cannabis industry and plant molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, nanomaterials, pharmaceutical formulation and product development are core areas of expertise. For all of its products, Root Bioscience provides a local supply chain and manufacturing process to deliver high quality hemp products families can trust. In June 2019, Root Bioscience launched Naternal, a new consumer line of cannabidiol (CBD) products including hemp extract tinctures and salves. Its founder and CEO, Garrett Perdue, Perdue is a lawyer with extensive experience operating in complex regulatory environments, and he is a strong advocate for enacting regulatory standards that govern hemp production.

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