Over 2.1 Million Ballots Cast So Far In North Carolina

As the November 3 presidential election draws closer, more North Carolina voters have been taking advantage of mail-in and early voting.

So far, the number of ballots cast in 2020 is drastically increased compared to those cast in 2016 at this time. With two weeks before the election in 2016, nearly 819,000 residents had cast their votes, with 9.8% coming by mail. The same time frame in 2020 shows over 2.1 million have voted, with mail-in ballots responsible for 30% votes.

North Carolinians between ages 60 and 80 are the most likely to have cast ballots by mail. Statistics have also shown an increase, across nearly all age groups, in those requesting mail-in ballots. A notable exception to this would be young voters around age 20, which is roughly the same as the 2016 election. Some, however, are choosing to forgo the potential risk of COVID-19 exposure and vote by mail.

"I felt more comfortable mailing in my ballot instead of going in person on the day of the election," said Raleigh resident Sarah McConnell, a first time absentee voter. "It was more relaxing too. I went section by section through the ballot and gave myself time to research the candidates."

The last day to vote early in North Carolina is Saturday, October 31. Those voting by mail can check the status of their ballot using BallotTrax.

Photo: Getty Images