Peter J. D'Arruda is President of the IARFC (International Association of Registered Financial Consultants), an Investment Advisor, and has been in the financial arena for nearly 25 years. He is the founder at a financial firm designed to help his clients "Cross the street of life." At Capital Financial Advisory Group, LLC he and his team strive to help their clients take the worry out of living in retirement. Known as "COACH PETE" to most of his clients, Pete has made it his lifetime goal to assist his clients in achieving the levels of success they desire.He has authored 6 books and co-authored 2. Two of his books have reached the bestsellers list on Amazon. The most noteworthy book, Successonomics, is one that Coach Pete co-authored with Steve Forbes. But, by far, his favorite book just happens to be his most recent, "7 Baby Steps to a ridiculously Reliable Retirement Income" Each week he hosts the wildly popular, nationally syndicated, Financial Safari radio show, heard by millions each year. You can listen to past shows on iTunes and by visiting He has just been named to the prestigious Forbes Leadership Council and will be submitting at least 6 articles a year to Forbes for their readers' print and web enjoyment. He graduated from The University of North Carolina in 1988. Coach Pete is WINNER OF: - 2 EMMYS- 2 Quillys (best-selling author award)- 3 EXPYS He is a proud father of daughter, Caroline, age 11 with his wife, Kim.