Councilman Stopped For Speeding, Claims Racial-Profiling!

'Shemwell--an anti-police-brutality activist in addition to  councilman--was driving approximately 20 mph over the speed limit, which caught an officer’s attention.. The officer pulled Shemwell over, but Shemwell insisted that he was pulled over for “being black with dreadlocks...”

All he had to do was sign the citation, which he refused to do, and then he nearly pulled the "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" card...

Shemwell would later post this video on FB, explaining his thought process, and thoughts on racism:  

'The incident and Councilmen's back-and-forth  on the arrest caused  much controversy in the community, with some demanding he apologize & resign...'

Check out more on this, from The Blaze!

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