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Donate Now To Help Raleigh Police Officer Charles Ainsworth

Officer Charles Ainsworth of the Raleigh Police Department was shot multiple times while responding to a suspicious vehicle. He was out of  surgery early Thursday, but his condition was not known. 

All of the money raised will go to Officer Ainsworth.  As the President of the Wake County Chapter of the N.C. Sheriff Police  Alliance, my mission is to support those who serve our community. Please  donate to this brave hero.  

Donate here! 

Ainsworth graduated from Raleigh's police academy in December 2017. He  is an alumnus of North Carolina State University, where he majored in  psychology. He grew up in Jacksonville. 

What led to the shooting Authorities said Ainsworth attempted to apprehend someone on Western  Boulevard near Schaub Drive around 8:25 p.m. following a report of a  suspicious vehicle believed to have been involved in a carjacking. 

Ainsworth was immediately shot multiple times, including once in the neck, after exiting his patrol car, authorities said. 

A Wake County magistrate said that Kearney is suspected of shooting  Ainsworth with a .45-caliber handgun, while Fletcher is suspected of  being in the car with Kearney. 

Warrants show that, before the shooting, Kearney stole a man's phone,  car and wallet – together worth $16,000 – and threatened the man with a  gun. 

Sherry Richmond, 22, of 205 Garden Path St. in Rougemont, was also  charged in connection with the robbery. She was not charged in  connection with the shooting. 

Fletcher's charge of possession of a stolen firearm, a .32-caliber  pistol, is unrelated to the robbery that Kearney's and Richmond's  charges are connected to.

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Read the full story here:  https://www.wral.com/2-charged-after-raleigh-police-officer-shot-in-neck-officer-in-hospital/18113974/

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