Trans-Woman Melts Down At Alamo Rent A Car: "IT'S MA'AM!"

Well, here we go again... 

'"I'm a ma'am! You being rude! I'm a ma'am! I'm a ma'am! My ID says female and he's being rude... Know  your pronouns! Know your pronouns! Know your pronouns! Know your  pronouns! Know your pronouns, honey! Know your f***ing pronouns,” Garcia  screams...'

Oh, did we mention that the trans-woman-in-question is a TV personality & transgender model?! It's almost as if, I don't know, that after the now famous--and incredibly similar--incident at GameStop, she / he was looking to make her own video go viral...

Weird, huh? Must be a coincidence... Anyway, I give the original higher marks, for both originality and overall performance. 

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