AOC: Embrace Automation! Tax Robots 90 Percent!"

Do you want robot-over-lords?! Because this is how you get robot-over-lords!

Do you want The Matrix?! Because this is how you get The Matrix!

"Hey, lets create these robots, have them do all of our work, tax them 90%, make them our slaves and yadayadayada OMG NOW WE'RE ALL BEING USED AS BATTERIES VIA OUR BODY-HEAT QUICK SOMEONE TEACH THAT DUDE FROM BILL & TED KUNG-FU DON'T TAKE THE RED-PILL DON'T TAKE IT Y'ALL THE SLOP YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO EAT ON THE NEBUCHADNEZZAR TAKES LIKE S**T!!!" - Cypher, The Smartest Guy In The Matrix