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5-31-23 Bill Cunningham Show

5-31-23 Willie with Tommy Valentine

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting a drag group who dress up like nuns and commit sexual acts to a Dodgers game for Pride Night. Willie brings on Tommy Valentine from the Catholic Vote Group to explain why this move is so controversial.

5-30-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses with the Power of 5's Brian Hamrick how a bad decision cost an 18 year old her life. Also Julie Gunlock talks with Willie about the boycotts of Bud Light and Target, and Congressman Brad Wenstrup breaks down the Debt Ceiling Deal and the Trump-Russia investigation investigation.

5-30-23 Willie with Brian Hamrick

Willie talks with Channel 5's Brian Hamrick about a car theft that lead to the death of a Cincinnati teen.

Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 5/28/2023

Willie is back and talks about his trip to Israel. The Durham report, woke companies and more! Also he speaks to Julie Gunlock, Wayne Allyn Root and Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

Live on Sunday Night with Mike Allen Sr and Jr in for Bill 5/21/2023

Bill is off and in Israel this week. Mike Allen Sr and Jr stepped into the big chair.

Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 5/14/2023


Bill Cunningham -- 5/10/23


The Bill Cunningham Show -- 5/9/23


Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 5/7/2023